Peterson v. Newman and Progressive Creationism

Progressives like to imagine themselves the steely, hard bitten arbiters of objective truth, scientific realism and an ever elusive, albeit objectively true, secular morality based on identity. They’re the self-appointed champions of a never-ending quest to abolish “oppression”. You can go to just about any leftist social media page and find numerous Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson memes belittling conservatives for their refusal to accept the Settled Science of climate change and evolution. As any conversation with a progressive will confirm, conservatives are nothing more than a collection of hidebound, knuckle dragging troglodytes who hate science, gays and immigrants. And it’s the poor, long suffering, enlightened progressives who are tasked with the burden of lifting these lower life forms from the swamp of evolution through political protest, hashtag campaigns, pussyhats, and increasingly, a staunch refusal to even egage their opponents on the intellectual battlefield. After all, anyone who doesn’t believe in #EQUALITY is just beneath contempt.

Unfortunately for progressives, this stubborn refusal to engage oppositional views has resulted in a lazy, smug, and entitled royalist mentality. Especially when it comes to being challenged on gender equality. This was perhaps never more evident than when British television journalist, Cathy Newman interviewed Canadian clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson. Since Jordan Peterson was catapulted into the limelight by resisting transgender pronoun tyranny, he’s predictably been tarred by progressive media as yet another alt-right, white supremacist. The fact that he self-identifies as a classical liberal is rarely, if ever mentioned or that his millions of supporters span the entire political spectrum. Nor is the fact that his work is geared towards warding off chaos, taking responsibility and grounding oneself in a set of values. Most importantly, his work is deeply focused on understanding how the mind becomes ideologically possessed and devolves into a tyrannical mindset. Subsequently, he has focused a great deal of attention on the steady encroachment of identity politics into the academic and public sphere.

This interview has justifiably been hailed as a glorious victory for both Peterson and for everyone pushing back against the cult-like mentality of #SocialJustice identity politics. When she wasn’t completely strawmanning his position, Cathy Newman alternated between condescension and puffed up indignation. Peterson dismantles her at every turn with laser guided precision and his calm, dispassionate demeanor. Peterson is like a real life version of Clint Eastwood’s Jonathan Hemlock in The Eiger Sanction. An intellectual who’s grounded in both the quality of his scholarship and the sturdiness of his convictions. In a word, a total badass. The memes that have surfaced are legendary too.

The Peterson phenomenon not only reveals the hollow pretense of progressivism, but the transformation that has overtaken the Left. When it comes to a progressive article of faith like gender equality, the alleged appreciation for scientific rigor is exposed as a shallow façade. The very people who constantly telegraph their appreciation for #SCIENCE with protest marches, slogans and memes seem to keep their outrage exclusively confined to bashing Creationists, skepticism of climate change, or anti-vaxxers. But if you bring up biological sex differences or evolutionary psychology, somehow you become a purveyor of pseudoscience. Funny how that works.

4 thoughts on “Peterson v. Newman and Progressive Creationism

  1. larryzb says:

    One wonders about these progressives- cum- regressives that are leading us to a future primitive. Is it a collective psychosis? Before you laugh and toss that thought out the window, ponder that the vector by which mental illness can spread need not be a physical/material one such as a pathogen, virus, bacterium or toxic chemical.

    If mind or consciousness does not arise from protoplasmic brain, then it would not be surprising that non-material factors could affect its health.


    • Like a mind virus of sorts? It’s possible.

      Peterson repeatedly uses Solzhenitsyn as an example of someone managed to ward off the corruption of the society in which he lived by speaking the truth.

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    • VG Reese says:

      I’ve never seen a woman faint. Evidently, that was quite common in eras gone by. There are a ton of examples like that. I think you’re talking about the same kind of idea.
      It not only is possible, it has historical precedence. It seems that a large enough group of people believing something makes it rapidly become “true.” Whether that is that without construction women are just as physically strong as men or fainting. The shared reality can impact people physically up to a point.
      I do somehow doubt that any amount of changing people’s minds will make women as strong as men. But, that’s the idea for them. 🙂


      • As you know, it’s highly selective.

        Feminists love to see Charlize Theron or Daisy Ridley kick ass on screen, but in reality they just put on pussyhats, go to protest marches and police what people say on the internet.

        They only want high paying work in comfortable corporate and media jobs.
        There are very few women who actually go into construction, military service or hard labor. And I’ll wager those women won’t go anywhere near the feminist label.

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