The Purge (2013)


Yes, it’s a piece of shit, but I’m willing to give it a couple points on the underlying premise.

This is nothing more than a home invasion thriller with a dystopian patina. It’s a tawdry, C-grade variation on A Clockwork Orange which presents a future society with an annual state sanctioned killing spree known as The Purge.

Though the film reinforces the bullshit Hobbesian notion of man’s brute nature, it is also takes the idea to a plausible conclusion. Since mankind are savages whose violent nature apparently cannot be contained, then why not take those who are in the violence business (i.e. the government), outsource the killing to the plebes and chalk it up to patriotism?

It’s yet another take on obedience to the State taken to an absurd and repugnant extreme. There are, of course, the requisite race and class tensions as well.

I would view it more favorably if it at least delivered the goods on the suspense and action, but even here, the film offers little more than boilerplate thrills.

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